Over the last few years I have had that transition from classic rock into some thrash, stoner and power metal. The situation is, I have a good friend whom I got into music, but he hasn't been really catching on to the heavier stuff. In fact of all the many cd's I've lent him (many were Megadeth albums) he has really only caught onto dream theater... We've both been playing guitar for awhile... and we have been trying to form a band around us. At the moment....we have 3 good guitarists....one who can sing, a bassist who can play, but doesn't practice often enough, and a drummer who can't play... Should I let things work out over awhile and see how it all goes, or should I look for some other metal players(a rarity around here as I am speaking of true metal and not Nu or metalcore) to jam with?
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here's what i advise, and many beginner musicians frequently overlook this option...

join a second band. Until you have a serious band with all serious memebers that takes up all your free time, you KNOW you've got the time to play with different people, and there's no need to lose what you have with your buddies. It sounds like you guys are good friends and enjoy playing guitar together. If you eventually end up on the same page and have a good, dedicated band to play with, then great. If not, it's not gonna hurt anyone if you go and jam with another group once in a while and see where it goes.

not to seem depressing, but it's truly rare that a musician ends up being successful in his first band ever with his old buddies from school. It's all about putting yourself out there, and if you have the time, go for it.