I actually find the harmonised theme that appears a few time very annoying.
Just like flight of the bumblebee but that's supposed to be annoying

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Who's Andy Timmons??
i love that guy, i bet that rythm bit is well hard
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Gus G is a really good musician can shre dlike a mother ****er, though rarely does it he's going quite slow in that video from other stuff i've seen him play.
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hes in dream evil too . I think his stuff is pretty good actually.
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he is good, he played a solo in "taking back my soul"-arch enemy. he has a arch enemy solo style

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he used to be in a melodic death metal band called Nightrage i think. at least, nightrage had a guitarist who looked like him, not sure if it is though lol.
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He was in Nightrage, Mystic Prophecy, Arch Enemy (briefly), Dream Evil AND now just Firewind (I have 5 of their albums) and he's only 26! He's going to be BIG. Cant wait to see where he is in a few years.
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i wonder if he can sing
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