I got my sd-1 about 1 month or so ago and the light to show whether it is on or not has just stopped working. I havn't changed the battery so maybe it is that?
Idk whats going on, help please
Try changing the battery?
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Yeah the pedal still works. I'd change the battery but i don't have any spare so i'd have to wait until tomorrow
That's the battery mate, the light goes to tell you to change it - well i'm pretty sure anyway.
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thanks, i'll get some new batteries tomorrow. I thought the light was only there to tell yo u when it was on or off...
when u finish playing it ...get the battery out ... dont leave it in while ur not useing it ... it will hold u longer !
nah^ u need to pull the plug out of the pedal's input, when not in use.

u dont have to pull the battery unless u plan on leaving it for a long while.

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