Okay I play an Epiphone Sg Custom out of a Line 6 Spider III (Shut up I never use the "insane setting, nor do I think they suck) and a Dunlop cry baby, any way I am starting to use the neck pickup for solos because it sounds better, however it says rythem(sp?) does this mean its only used for rythem (again sp?) guitarist? but when I see vidoes of famous players playing (Slash, Angus, ect) the are playing with the neck.???
You can use whichever pickup you want. I myself love the lead tone of the neck pickup.
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yeah i agree and slash uses the the neck pick up on sweet child o mine.
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personally, when i do lead, i like to have the pickup selector in the middle position, but i roll the rythym volume down to about 7.
Doesn't really matter. That terminology was created when rhythm guitar was generally clean strumming, so a mellower tone was desired.
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I love the neck pickup tone for soloing. It just sounds fuller, I can't stand the bridge pickup's squealing trebles most of the time.
I use the bridge pickup for everything but jam/jazz/blues. The neck pickup is just way too thick and bassy for rock(for me.) but yeah, use whichever you want.
^ I'm the opposite, I use the neck pickup for everything except the little amount of shredding I do. I find the neck pickup to be louder (don't know why, but it is) and fuller in sound than the bridge, and it sounds awesome when playing distorted (which I do 99.9% of the time, again don't ask me why).
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There are no set rules in guitar, to be honest, so use whatever pick-up you feel is better.
Quote by onemanarmy9
I find the neck pickup to be louder (don't know why, but it is)

The strings are traveling more over the neck pickup than the bridge pickup so it will be louder. Some sets of pickups are made so that the bridge pickup is hotter to make up for the difference in output though.
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The neck pickup has a bassier/smoother tone than the bridge, but you lose out on some of the edge of the bridge pickup. Which pickup you use depends on what type of tone you want. If you are going to be hitting pinch harmonics left and right, then you'll have to use the bridge, but if you want a bassier smooth tone use the neck.

A lot of players use the neck pickup for solos. Off the top of my head, Clapton used the "woman" tone with the neck pickup and tone knob set to 0, and I don't think i've ever seen slash use the bridge pickup before.

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