hello everyone

i like playing acoustic guitar

and my friend has some drums
we want to start a band and
we are lookig for some songs to play together

could anyone point us in the right direction please
its not gonna work quit now and focus on getting better at the guitar.

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its not gonna work quit now and focus on getting better at the guitar.


there has to be a better anwser than that?
You can do some interesting, neat things with just an acoustic guitar and drums, if you're clever and imaginative. Just look at the White Stripes. You could also bring in a synthesizer or something, ala They Might Be Giants, but it's not required. You could do a lot of songs with just the guitar and drums.. you'd just have to adjust it. If you know what you're doing, I'm sure you can take complex songs and cut them down to an acoustic drum n' guitar format. I always liked bands' generic "acoustic versions" of their songs, which are often just alternative versions of their songs using *only* a guitar. It sounds surprisingly nice. Still, I'd suggest you find a bassist, too, cause *EVERYBODY* loves bass, and it can make everything sound a lot better.
There's a ton of single acoustic guitar songs out there. You could just add drums to them.
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i think two gallants only have two members (drummer + guitar/vocal) + they're pretty much amazing.

just jam together, make your own tracks + then try and find other people. imo it's better to have a "complete" band.
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