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Chrome Red/ Maple Board
8 19%
Arctic White/ Rosewood Board (W/ tortise PG added)
23 53%
Black/Maple Board (W/black PG added)
12 28%
Voters: 43.
I'm gonna be picking up a standard strat lefty most likely and am stuck btw three color choices
Rolling Stones October 8th.....hell yea
Sunburst. Also, this isn't really a poll.

EDIT: Nevermind, you changed it. Arctic white, .
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Oh just to clarify as much as I love sunburst I already have a sunburst tele so I want something new.
Rolling Stones October 8th.....hell yea
Out of those, the black/black/maple but white with the regular white pickguard and rosewood I think would look better.
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Get a blue one, or turquise or something different, I think you can order them in more colours...
ledzep618 were totally the same
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black on black thats cool

i have a white with a tortise shell pickguard
blizzard pearl!

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you realize that there is more than a color difference between maple and rosewood fretboards right? They feel completely different.

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What kind of differences? I'm curious about Maple fretboards myself, but love the rosewood colour.
Im likely a little opinionated here, but white guitars are sexy.
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Yup I know...i own 6 rosewood boards and one maple. Im used to the feel of rosewood, but have no problems playing maple. To the guy that inquired maple has a much brighter tone whereas rosewood is warmer and knocks off some of the highs. Also, with maple fretboards, they are usually finished and can sometimes be sticky. I do prefer rosewood, but can go either way and I think that some colors look much better w/ maple boards.
Rolling Stones October 8th.....hell yea
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Black w/White pickguard and Maple fretboard
White w/White pcikguard and maple fretboard
My two favourite strat colours would be:

Tobacco Burst w/ White pickguard w/rosewood fretboard
Olympic White w/White pickguard w/ maple fretboard
Quote by ledzep618
but can go either way and I think that some colors look much better w/ maple boards"but can go either way" .

ewwww... nasty...

but i have a red and chrome squire i like
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Black with a black pickguard and maple fretboard. Don't change the pickup covers and knobs to black, a Gilmour strat is teh sex