Got a new Breedlove AC25 SR as a birthday/Christmas present last month and have been playing it every day. Anyhow, I notice a slight buzz on some strings when I play it really loud. You can hear it higher up on the neck on barre chords especially. Do all guitars, regardless if you pay for it to be set up properly, buzz when you play it with enough force or should they sound notes clearly no matter what? The action is not particularly high; in fact, I would prefer it somewhat lower.

Also, is the only remedy to raise the action? I know there are several different methods that can be implemented to alleviate this problem (truss rod, bridge adjustments, etc), but will these also cause the action to be lower?

Thanks in advance for any info
It could be a lot of different things, it could be how you are playing it, the action, and a bunch of other things. If you are concerned I just suggest bringing it to someone you know and trust that has a lot of experience with guitars. I remember I used to have this old classical guitar when I first started playing the style, and my teacher thought it was just my technique, then one day he played it, he then realized that it was the guitar and not me. So, you could try something along those lines.
Very rarely are you going to have zero buzz going on, very rarely.

However, it shouldn't be at the point where it's impeding your playing. Take it to a shop and get them to have a look at it is the best bet. They can usually do something and it's seldom very expensive. My last guitar setup was £22.
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