Big thumbs up!

I just picked one up today and it is a great sounding chorus pedal for the price. Its a simple solid pedal, just a depth switch which makes it sound like either regular chorus or more like tremolo, and a rate knob.

I have been missing the shimmery chorus sounds for my cleans since I switched amps, and this just hits the spot! Well worth a look if you are looking for a little something to spice up your clean tones!

Cheers to ElectroHarmonix
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amen. someone buy mine. (link in sig)
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I got that pedal almost a year ago. Great little device. Haven't used it in so long though. I don't have an adapter.
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I just got one yesterday. Great sound and everything, and I like how the knob can make it sound like a chorus pedal or something almost like a leslie speaker effect.