Hey guys,

I have a great Worn-Brown Les Paul Studio for trade in Los Angeles.
This thing is awesome and I love playing it,
but I've just recently upgraded, so I no longer need it.
It has the fat 50's neck and of course that AMAZING TONE
you can only get with a Gibson Les Paul guitar.
It is in GREAT shape and I'll give the winning trader the original
hard-shell case. If you're in LA, you're welcome to come by my studio
in West LA to hear it in action \ check it out.

I'm open to any and all offers, so... whaddya got!?
Quote by cowxguy
got any pics? how much you think its worth?

No pics, but its in great shape...
Probably worth about 500 I'd guess
hm... I have a deville 410. eh?
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every key
every secret

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Quote by staticoverdub
hm... I have a deville 410. eh?

What year is it and what kind of shape is it in?
Also, where are you located?
B-150486 is the serial number. Based on the code on the quality assurance sticker (MB), it was made in february of 2002.

Only issue is a non-functioning power light. an easy fix. the bulb shouldn't cost more than a dollar. No rips in the tolex. 100% in good, working order. A bit dusty but I'll clean that up for you.

I don't believe the tubes have been replaced, but I have seldom used this amp, never in a live setting and it has never been turned beyond 2 or three while in my possession . I have only used it at home and at school, both places have strict limitations on volume. From what I was told, the past owner had the same problem. Comes with a footswitch that I purchased in 2005. I'll be going overseas soon and therefore have been looking to get rid of it.

I'm in buffalo, NY but wouldn't mind picking up whatever it'd cost to get it to you. $60?