Alright guys, I've been talking about it for a while... Well, now its official. I'm looking for musicians to fill up the empty spots in my band, so if you're interested, keep reading :]

The Name:
atticus.Evan, or [aE]. The name orginates from my independently-run blog, which I’m taking down due to lack of time to update. I think the name is a great fit for the style and genre I want to play.

The Sound: [METAL]
Imagine fast, catchy jazz melodies backed by punchy bass lines, with the occasional solos [including drums!]. I'm working with various jazz chords and jazz note patterns [aka. Modes] but instead of the clean, bell like sounds you expect from such melodies, I plan to run them into a high-gain halfstack, laced with the hardcore palm muting and broken chords.

If you can play such music, or would like me to show you, send me a message The only requirement here is basic understanding of music, decent equipment, and ability to eventually buy nicer equipment [if you don't already own so]. This goes for everyone.

I have my brother Andy on vocals, but feel free to inquire about singing with me.
Guitarists: Ability to sing background stuff is a plus, but defiantly not required. I'd prefer you to have a tube amp, 50 to 100 watts, combo or halfstack. As the second [but not least] guitarist, you will alternate between rhythm and lead, depending on the song. I may have you intro, and me play lead on top of it, or vise versa. You have an equal say in what happens with the music, and you won't ever be regarded as less-important. The song takes 2, and without the other, I am nothing.

Bassists: Ability to be courageous and brave and break the stereotype that bass isn't important. You can't just stand behind everyone and look at the floor.. you gotta feel your music and play hard, rock it out, play solos, steal the crowds attention. You basslines will be an important part to the rhythm AND the lead parts, so don't be afraid to crank up your bass rig :] As far as equipment goes, I have a little higher expectations... I would prefer you have at least 400 watts, with 800 being recommended. Why? Because a bass rig needs a lot of power to not only keep up with the drummer, but actually be louder, to be heard. As I said before, your parts are crucial to the songs and we can't play without you :].

I have had a few people talk to me about guitar and bass, but I doubt anything is happening with that so defiantly message me and we can talk :]

And last but not least, drummers.

All I ask is that you can keep a beat, and have a lot of experience with drumming. you need to be able to play a little more complex, and your parts are no doubt more difficult than a normal band's. I don't ask much, just be able to play and I can show you my ideas, you can show me yours, and from there we can create.

I would prefer that drummer have a place to practice, but if not, I have a basement. Andy also has a basement, and the house is empty on the weekends until really late/early in the morning, so we could spend the night Friday and Saturday and jam whenever no one's home. There is a drum set down there, but its in pretty bad shape. For jamming its alright, but you might want to bring your own.

Transportation: I. myself, can not drive until this summer, ad my car can only [barely] fit my head, guitar, and cab. I have an SUV than can either fit all heads/cabs/guitars, or drums but not both.

Basically what it comes down to is, if you want to make some awesome music, make friends, have fun, and jam, send me a message. I look forward to talking to you soon :]

And also, expect to record a 3 to 5 track CD around June or July :]

My myspace is www.myspace.com/deadstar_riot
add me if you like :]
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Wish you were like a metal or rock band, I live right near you and is a bassist that is looking to join a band.

If I can't find a band I'll maybe contact you cus' I change my styles a bit and my next one could be jazz.
I'm not trying to start a traditional 'Jazz' band..

I made up a Genre; Jazzcore

Basically, I play jazz-oriented leads, set with hardcore rhythm [lots of palm mutes, fast chunky riffs..]

Check out:

Make sure you listen to songs all the way through.... freaking amazing solos.

What highschool do you go to?
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