So I am looking to upgrade from a crappy roland cube 15 solid state and would like to venture in to the world of tube. The options i have come across so far are:

Valve king 112 for $430.

Fender deluxe Hot Rod 40 watt used at a pawn shop for $500 ish dollars but i can bargain pretty heavilly. ANyone know if used is a safe bet are they pretty bullet proof? Are there any major things that could be wrong?

Na finally a windsor 120 watt half stack with windsor cab for $650 ish (that seems like a good deal the shop has it on sale)

I am looking for a good med. to heavy gain amp but bluesy cleans are a plus (i.e. chuck berry -johnny b. goode) The bands I am into playing at the moment my chemical romance, green day,
fall out boy, nirvanna, clash. Mcr is the main tone i would like to be able to play. Please don't just post to hate the bands I lsted =) i agree they somewhat poppy/emo/annoying but hey i kinda like so =)

Thank you guys very much
I would go with the Windsor. It beats the Valveking all around, it beats the fender for overdrive/distortion but I'm pretty sure the Fender would have the better clean/blues tone.
The Set-Up

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If you want better cleans go with a Fender, but the Peavey Windsor has pretty good gain. So definitely check that out.
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