some are just stupid, but some had me dying.

EDIT-bah i knew some people werejust gonna be like, 'zomgah he is teh looser i will pr4wn him'. oh well. i thought it was funny.
and besides, this is the pit. better this then another masturbation thread.
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That was stupid.

I bet he has no life.

I can make funnier faces than him.
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.

That is absolute crap
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That was pretty funny, actually.

I loved the third one where he was like, "UGHHHRRR!1 URHHHRR!12`1243kadbsfoklajsng"
wow that was funny.

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wow that was funny.

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Your my hero dementedpuppy.

That was painful.
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I saw this a not too long ago, I think it's the funniest shit ever

1:38 on the first one was the best.

I laughed so hard through all of these.
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