Can someone give me a list of each note and what it harmonizes with in 3rds? I have been screwing around with guitar pro and it still sounds off.
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it depends what key the song is in. but.. a third is two notes up. so.. ok.. say it's in a major, and you want to harmonize a d. in a major, two notes up from d (a third) is f.. so it harmonizes with f. sorry if thats confusing :/

edit: ^not 3 notes, that would be a fourth. music theory is confusing like that. xP

yeah that's right. I always count the note i'm harmonizing with as 1, then 2, then 3 to the note it harmonizes with.

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in the key of c, yes. just imagine a piano, and look at the scale that you're playing. take the note, and go 2 notes up.

notes = 1 fret per note?

edit: E=G

also, i will post a guitar pro file in a minute so if someone can tell me if it is harmonized correctlly. That would be greatly appreciated. Its going to be 0-12 on each string on one track, and the harmonized notes on the other track.
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no. you've got to look at the scale. ok..

A B C# D E F# G# A

thats an a major scale. so if you're harmonizing a C# it would be with an E, which is 3 frets. but if you're harmonizing an A it would be with a C#, which is 4 frets up.

hope that helps

So it corresponds to the next two notes in the key (major scale)?
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So it corresponds to the next two notes in the key (major scale)?

remember that when you're counting up to another note to count the note you started on also. usually when we count we just say. "oh, A then B then C. i just moved two steps because i made two transitions, one from A to B, then another from B to C" but musically the A counts as 1. Which is why A to C (in the key of C) is a THIRD and not a second. because A(1)B(2)C(3).
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i just uploaded it, it sounded right to me, but i need someone else's input.

Edit: so i could harmonize if i just know all of the notes in the key that im playing?
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