Alright, I am not a very good singer/screamer, and I am trying to get a screamo band together, (sounds like Atreyu, Silverstein etc...) I know a very good singer, but he cannot scream. I would like to learn how to scream like these bands do. Not the heavy metal screams, but the emo screams, (listen to silverstein and you'll know what I mean) Any tips on how to improve at all. Right now I can only scream at like a low volume, and when I raise my voice volume I cannot scream, and my screams are real low pitched. Any tips on how to raise my volume and keep the scream, get a higher pitch, and just improve in any way you guys know how? Thanks a lot and sorry for the long run-on post.
I can only scream at like a low volume?????

Then thats obviously not screaming is it! If you want to scream, then 1) congrats on continuing a cliched musical direction that should have seen its day many a year ago
2) actually scream, lungs full blast at a microphone.

honestly. How do you scream? you wanna know how to wipe your ass next?
i do :P

Sorry, unusually mean for me. Very sorry (thats real, not internet sorry)

Just scream to your fav records as long and often as possible
Also, smoking helps, its one of the few things it does help
Please do not make a band that sounds like Atreyu or Silverstein
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Look at the music faq sticky at the top of the page. And screaming can be very dangerous to your voice, as can improper singing.