i saw there was one on here so i thought i'd post mine. just to preface this recording all the layers are just first take with 2 dollar microphone lying beside my amp so if it gets out of sync a bit im pretty sure that's why. anyway enough of my dodgy justifications; take it for what it is a first take bebop of the house of the rising sun. oh and ignore my vocals, i just put them there to give the song shape.

Your singing was pretty decent actually (but maybe I just thought that cause they were drowned out by the guitar :P).

The tone of rhythm was pretty muddy...

The solo in the middle and at the very end didn't really fit the song very well, but nice playing nonetheless .
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cheers mate,

yeah i wasn't even gonna throw them in, i was gonna keep it laid back but i dropped the mic and thought it was a sign so i just threw that solo in. the last one was intentional though.

i was thinking if i do another take i'll drop back the fuzz on the rhythmn but still keep it there so it keeps the song bopping along; just to keep my touch on it.