Well, this last Sunday, I went to a store with one of my best friends and the other guitarist for the band I'm in. And as some of you may recall, me and the rest of the band was thinking about getting him a new amp, a JCM 800, to be exact. So at this store, we see two Marshall amps that look fantastic, we plug in and play. One was a 2005 Handwired 2061x that was used for $1000, and the other was a Lead and Bass 20 watt one from 1970-73 for $700. Well we both turned them up to around the 7 mark. Well, this tone, was fantastic, perfect for classic rock and we even got a Van Halen type tone out of the 1970-73 one. So, this amp has gone to number one on his list, and I'm wondering a couple things, 1. How heavy can this amp get with an overdrive. 2. Is it worth 700-100. 3. Which one would be better, we both thought the vintage one sounded the best, but would it break down maybe?

He (and us) play music like Yngwie Malmsteen, Jason Becker, Metallica, Velvet Revolver, Guns N Roses, stuff like that.

So, how much gain could this amp get?

PS: just in case you guys didn't know, its the amp with two channels, and just a volume and tone knob for each channel, thank you for your help.