I have been working mega hard on lyrics for my upcoming band, atticus.Evan.

The vocal style is more poetic than singing, which explains the writing style.
Here it goes, in no particular order:

EDIT: Please point out any typos! thanks :]


Will you be there?
When angels fall fom the sky, and christmas trees burn down,
When spring flowers wilt and die, and summer romances fall apart,

Will you be there?
When mockingbirds fall from their nest, and crickets sing their songs no more,
When autumn leaves never fall, and violin strings snap... No more music...

Will you be there with me when I trip on the rock that fell out of my heart as I cried everpresent tears from my omnipresent fear with neverpresent joy that I lost as the jack sleeps in his unwound box and as the mimes broke their beautiful silence...

The sky fell as our hearts finally felt the lonesome apartness, like a segregated apartheid of frowns and smiles that fight and clash..

It seems as if the end is drawing nearer...
[This one is really abstract, no name yet]
Drunken tears flood the birds' nest,
Lonely fears pollute the airwaves (static lovev affair)
Audible light spectrum mixed with a little illustrated noise, and a bit of love and harmony....
And this and that....
Afterwards, we realise the truth, and see the help turned away,
And see the sleeping clowns,And more of nothin, and anything,
Times[x] 3 hearts and a soul shared,
Arguing with the ace of spades,
and the jack of all trades,
and more of this and that,
Times[x] etcetera,

And then everything fell down and broke into peices.
-2000 miles-

2000 miles fom home,
I miss the faces, the laughs and joy,
16 hours on the rad never felt so alone,
The smiles never see me anymore...

Hearts broken over nothing at all,
Down we fall, down we fall..
Spiral never ending, the river doesn't flow, the sun is never shining,
down we fall, down we fall...

14 years alone and scared [he's lost in himself]
Everlasting serch for hope, looking for an answer,
Lost and dazed running scared and unaware,
Lost in himself completley unaware,

Hearts were broken over nothing at all,
down we fall, down we fall [(scream)Down!]
[Really long insturmental part, intense slow solo]

Mind poison ended a life so fast,
Still living without a soul..
[guitar drops, just bass and soft drums]

Is living really living without feelings and care?
Sometimes I feel like all I am is the ghost of that boy from Texas.
-Afterwards pt.1-

everythig is lost, and our hopes are rare,
But in my dreams I wish that you were here,
to dance and swing with me,
to a love sonnet so perfect and true,
to hold me tight as we fall down,
like tear drops from God's irritated eyes,
That fall as rain from a summer storm,
that swept away my dreams and a flood,
washed away like the blood that flows to keep you alive,
and even though we cry I knowwe can make it,
sowe will just sit here and pray,
and dne to the music that makes our day.

-Afterwards pt.2-
One day we fell down,
like the leaves off the autumn tree that burns,
down like the love that I once felt,
as i looked up in the sky,
I saw you up so high,
flying all around..

[music falls apart, feedback, drums slow down and stop, bass slides down the E string, everything, only vocals:]

Like a bird.

[everything comes back]

Everything surrounding you all blue and white

-Afterwards pt. 3-
Back to the sky,
Mr. moon is shining bright,
bright white light,
as we take flight on this perfect december night,
he helps us see the beauty of the world,
liek a lightbulb in the dark,
like a spark that lights a fire of thought,
that fills your beautiful mind,
that grows like the garden of Eden,
when what you think flourished into what you know,
and bloomed into you and now you're stuck with it.

Thanks for reading, i'll be sure to update it whenevermy voclist and work out some new stuff. Please feel fre to comment, rate, etc.. whatever you want to do.. your feedback is really helpful to me

chase [aE]

Please don't be an ass and try to steal my writing, everything contained here is copyright(C)2007 Dovegun Productions. Don't even try.
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I can't really think of the inspiration for the poem I wrote, I just kinda came up with it.

I'll get to this later, at least by friday, but at first glance it looks pretty interesting.
I understand, I work in the same way alot of the time.

Thanks, I appreciate it :]
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Quote by stratkat
I can't really think of the inspiration for the poem I wrote, I just kinda came up with it.

I'll get to this later, at least by friday, but at first glance it looks pretty interesting.

Kyle you should know better.

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