can someone help me find a place to download the video for "from yesterday" by 30 seconds to mars. i want to someplace where i can download the full version for free.
limewire. google video search but dont click any of the vids linked to youtube. check the url to make sure the link leads to something that is not youtube and next to the video description it should give you a download option
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here dood:

download off on the right. and if you want the 13 min. version instead of the 5 min. version, find it off on the playlist thingy on the right as well. I wud usually give the default dick response of "google" but I am willing to do anything while procrastinating hw.
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hw is calling g2g. I suggest trying ur luck searching for "from yesterday.mpeg" or something. or better yet, try downloading it in ipod/psp format. I bet you can open it with WMP like that.
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thanks man ill try that.... anyone else got any suggestions.... im up for anything... but jesur thanks for your help and i appreciate it