Im planning on getting a tattoo, but I have no artistic ability. Can someone come up with a question mark superimposed on a cross? Preferably all black and solid lines, nothing complex. Thanks in advance.

(Search button wont help with my specific tattoo idea)
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Tattoo shops will draw up your tattoo before giving it to you. So just tell them what you want it to look like and they will get it done for you.

Not to mention if they are allowed to do it in their own style then it will look better when they are finished.

(Normally I would draw something up, but it really isn't my style)
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I'm having much of the same problem finding a tattoo that suits me, I'm going to take Metal-X's advice and get them to draw it up for me.
Yeah dude, they'll do it at the shop for you.
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if you want a question mark on a cross just get the blue oyster cult symbol. the upside down question mark with the lines on the sides making it look like a cross.

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