I put away around 500 bucks for a really nice amp. I was just gonna buy a 300$ Spider 3, but I thought I could save up for an even better one. Any suggestions?
Well, my suggestion is definitely don't get the spider, they seem to get horrible reviews. Are you looking for tube or solid state? What kind of wattage? High gain or low gain?

A used peavey classic 30 would fit your price range, and provide great tube tones, but mostly for low gain stuff.

A roland cube 30 or 60 would be solid state but gives higher gain.

You gotta give more specifics to what your looking for.
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Try it out, I got it for 430.
Does metal well, its got a rectifier, and Its 60 watts, Loud enough for almost anything. It does classic rock well too, thats just not my style.
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$5-600? Um, I don't know, how about a used 5150?
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