i got dark side of the moon and hotel california

im stuck already
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Congrats Sarah you scored zero. Maybe if you actually bought music you would know what they were.

.... *sorry folks split personality.
Mine won't count my score as I go

Edit: Aw I only got 8
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the rush album is fly by night
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What's the name of the Rush album with the owl on it?
It's bothering me now....

fly by night
Well I got 6 right.

(Dark Side of the Moon, Electric Ladyland, Lies, Disraeli Gears, 1984, and Tommy)
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cool quiz, but pretty hard. You should try posting in the classic rock forum, theyd probably get a kick out of it
ive gotten several right but it wont say they are correct.

Ive gotten 13
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I got seven... damn, I suck.

Peace (sells)
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I got 17

edit: Scratch that I got 30
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I'm on 13

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i got most of em not including about 10
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I got 33, although I did need to look up how you spell "Aladdin Sane". I knew that the Saxon and Emerson, Lake and Palmer albums were by those artists but couldn't remember what albums they were, and I'm kicking myself for not getting News of the World or Marbles.
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I really don't know my CD's all that well.

The Iron Maiden one was easy also the Judas Priest, theres a hendrix one there but i don't know the CD name...bugger it...i feal dumb now
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