Hello. I have a Dunlop 535q wah. I'm trying to figure out whether I should return it or not. I -hate- this wah. For what I need, which is, basically, a wah with presence, that you can clearly hear as being a good, strong wah, it is worthless. I want to know whether it's my ears and expectations that are faulty, or my wah XD. The link contains two clips of the wah in action, played through an Epiphone Valve Junior and a Fender American Deluxe Strat. The amp doesn't suck, and the guitar does not come close to being even average. The clip 'ffff1' is of the wah with the 'Q' somewhat high, the first position, volume rolled back a bit, but the boost button engaged (that's where things were set when I kicked it on :P) through a clean tube amp. The volume knob on the Strat is maxed, as it the tone knob.

The clip 'ffff3' is the same deal, only with the boost knob engaged, 'Q' maxed, volume maxed, in the first position. Should the wah sound as crappy as it sounds? Cheers. I'm going to try to return it regardless, I spend enough at Guitar Center that that seems fair enough.

More clips upon request. Give me some settings to try, I'll post a clip shortly.
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Essentially a wah boosts some frequencys and cuts others, I hear the buzz you are hearing and I will say It may be due to A a wah issue or two, cables connections...
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