i'm looking to buy a slide, and i'm just wondering what to look for and what my expected price should be... i've seen slides at various prices (my friend got one for as low as 5 bucks) so thats not such a big deal, but i am wondering what to look for. is glass better than chrome? anything else? what makes a good slide?
I've heard that factory made slides arent that great, and that you're better off making one. I can't exactly remember if this is right, but i think metal slides have better sustain, but sound thinner, and glass slides dont have as good sustain and have a thicker tone. I could be wrong though. In response to what makes a good slide, its really all preferance.
making one? like what, just machining out a metal tube?
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Yeh, thats what my dad did for my slide. You can also get a beer bottle and smash the body of it just leaving the neck of the bottle, then file/sand it down.
taken from a UG article

There are two main types of slide -- glass and metal. Glass gives you a warmer tone than metal and is lighter, however it can break if it is dropped. Metal has a brighter tone than glass and is heavier, but is practically indestructible. Keep in mind that there are different types of metals used for slides and each type will give a different tone. As well, the thickness of the sides of the slide affects your tone -- thicker sides give you a bigger tone and vice versa. There are also various lengths of slides and different diameters for the inside. Yes, there are many variables but slides aren't very expensive (generally they range from about $5-$25) and you should just experiment with different kinds until you find what you like. Also don't rule out different materials like ceramic, plastic, or bone -- I just have only used glass and metal and don't want to write about something I don't know much about (if anyone cares I'm currently using a medium length Dunlop glass slide with thick sides).
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I have a couple of slides, one is pyrex and one is metal. They both have different uses. I find the pyrex is very well suited to delta style playing, and i bust out the metal slide when it's time for some thorogood. I have also noticed that a 9 volt battery makes a good slide (more a steel than a slide), as does a zippo lighter, beer bottle, or any other semi-rounded item you can find.
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There are two ways to play slide guitar: Regular guitar style and lap steel style. If you prefer regular style then get a regular "finger" slide (I prefer metal slides). If you want to try lap steel style then they have special slides for that and they sound oh-so-amazing. Something like this. I suggest you try both styles and see which one gets you the sound you want. I myself prefer the lap steel style, it's much more "intimate" and warm.

Good luck!
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