I'm buying a Schecter Hellraiser Avenger for all of my heavily detuned Death Metal needs (think Nile and Newer Cannibal Corpse). I want to get it set up with a gauge string that will maintain string tension comparable to that of 10's in standard tuning. Considering that Nile plays in drop A and Cannibal Corpse play in drop G# or A and I also would be using it for as high as drop C (I'll use my Carvin for drop D or Higher), what gauge should I get?

Btw I used the search button but this specific issue was never addressed to my satisfaction.
^ it depends what you like, but if youre primarily going to use drop A, and G# then id get .12's or .13's
Oh yea, I used .015s/

.015s are good for drop a. Ooh yea.
.013s might not be enough still..
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12 or 13 dude. Heavy is good. SRV played with 13s in standard tuning, so don't pussy out.

Not true, he mostly tuned down half a step.
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does it make a difference if you use different gauge? honest question here. not trying to be an arse.

You know they rock.
well, if you tune to A on 9's, you'll have them flapping all over the place. seriously. plus the sound gets really, really bad, and the frets buzz like mad. 11's should be fine i think, might be a bit tight at C.
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My guitar teacher has .13s with standard tuning, I don't see how he does it!

I'd say .12 or .13 would do.
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Just make sure you get a set that has bigger low strings, those are what makes the biggest difference, yet some companies make stuff like 12-54's which make NO sense to me. I use 11-56's for drop c, and I don't think they would be nearly tight enough for drop a (that's insanity). So I suggest something BIG.