Hi all guitar gurus .

Simple practical question:
There’re many guitar lessons on the Web that say they will teach much better than the actual tutor. And people seam to support this opinion (here is an example http://riskfreezone.com ). Do you think it makes sense spending time and money on this?

The internet is a brilliant resource for learning guitar by yourself. For actual lessons? You're better off with a real teacher, as you physically see each other and he can have a much greater influence on your technique, not just what you should learn.

If you think you need a teacher, get a real one.
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I wouldnt pay anything for internet lessons when theres so many places to get them, like here. But i would prefer a real life teacher, ive never had one... I feel like im doing pretty good now though, just off of free internet lessons...
Id think that they would be second to useless. Unless you want to learn different chords or chord progressions, the internet can help with that. But what beginer wants can learn chords, scales and progressions, they need to learn all the basic basics first. And i just don't think you can get that anywhere else than being tought or watching a friend play then imitating.
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I personally don't like them. They never covered all the bases, and it's impossible to ask for further clarification or for them to play it slower or what have you. When I want instruction, in-person is the only way to go for me.