I am looking at buying a new head and cab pretty quick here. The problem is I am stuck betwen three:
1.) Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100

2.) Mesa Dual Rectifier

3.) Peavey 6505+

For cabs I was looking at either Marshall 1960AV or Mesa Stiletto cabs. Those seem about the same, but all opinions welcome.

So just give your opinions on these or suggestions for heads and/or cabs.

Thanks for your help.
what kind of sound do you want??
what bands tone do you like the most.
Go to the store and try each of those out.

Marshall= Classic rock, 80's metal, Thrash, and modern sound with a boost peddle or overdrive surprisingly good clean tone(for a marshall)

Mesa= Modern death/black metal and numetal, ok cleans, lotss of gain

6505+= Lots of gain more then you need, same genera's as mesa but more twords death metal and black metal, not so great on cleans....
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Ok its "Pedal" and yes, hes right^^

Id say Mesa. (I won one so im biased)

Howver the mesa cleans are good, better than either a marshall or a peavy, but they arent anywhere a recording clean, gigging maybe no one will tell but it lacks alot of.. warmth...
I dunno its hard to explain. but its not fender..
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I would say Mesa too. But only because I dont know what kind of sound you want and because out of the three I feel theyre built better and are a bit more versatile in terms of sound.
I am going for a Metallica/Trivium/Bullet for my valentine sound, but also beable to cleans.
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I am going for a Metallica/Trivium/Bullet for my valentine sound, but also beable to cleans.

Mesa for that. The Mesa has pretty good cleans, but you can get better, but Mesa's have kickass distortion for metal.