For about $400 canadian. What should I be looking for/at? I know next to nothing about them.
The brands my local store carries are most likely Alvarez, Yamaha and those godin related brands like Art and Lutherie, Seagull and LaPatrie.
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I picked up a Yamaha C30 (I think that's the model) a few months ago...it's their entry level classical, but it's pretty decent. The tuners squeak a lot, but those can be replaced...it keeps in tune very well (I only have problems if I don't string it properly) and it's a beautiful instrument. I've noticed some chips out of the finish here and there, but it's decent for the price I paid. It was about $150 CDN.
If you have four hundred, you might be able to find something better. The store I bought at (Long and McQuade) didn't have a whole lot to choose from, this was the only one in that range. It's good for a starter, if you've never played classical before.

You should be looking mostly for good construction, I think. You probably won't need a cutaway, which is good because that's expensive. Look at the bridge, the tuners...check the intonation (but remember that nylon strings always take a while to break in before staying in tune properly). Mostly, just play a bunch until you find one that's comfortable.
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Yea I was looking at that, I think it's the C40.

Does anybody have any experiance with these LaPatrie guitars? There is a store near me who sells them and they appear to be pretty high quality for the price. Does anyone own or maybe have played one?