I own a Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60R. It's a pretty sweet amp, I must say. Enjoy playing it, cleans sound great, distortion takes me a while to get my head around but sounds good.

I'm looking for a bit more 'spread', I guess you could say. I know plenty of people that just plug their combos into a 2X12 or 4X12 cab that they buy, but the Edition Blue dosen't have a ext speaker out...

I've also heard of a guy who has modded his edition blue and installed a speaker out jack. Now i'm reasonably cluey when it comes to this sort of shiz, well at least i think i am but theres plenty of people on here that would know if A) its possible B) its worth it C) whether its going to kill my amp in the long run and D) should i just save up for a proper half stack.

Are there any sites with tutorials on this? I think its out of warranty, so I may have a crack doing it.