Good stuff.

Boris, Merzbow, Sunn O))), Mogwai.

Recommend some good albums/bands for others. This is easily the most ignored musical genre of alltime.
i dunno if they're strictly noise rock to some of you purist guys, but the early Sonic Youth albums like Confusion Is Sex or even Daydream Nation have some great avant garde noise rock stuff on them. Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo are real pioneers in noise rock guitar.
mogwai is post rock
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voodoo child - jimi hendrix (good song by a crap guitarist)
nothing else matters - metalica (closest they'll ever come to true metal)
can't stop - rhcp (john is not god)
fix you - coldplay (the shredding is top)
The Jesus Lizard, Boredoms, Cows, Comets on Fire, Butthole Surfers...

great avatar, btw
Boris isn't really Noise Rock and Merzbow is just Harsh Noise.

Search the Alt forum, there's a big thread there.