Hi there, iv just started to try learn pinch harmonics, and im failing. I'm wondering if im failing because im bad/ need to practice more, or because my guitar is from a $200 beginner starter kit thing, as iv seen in a lot of tutorials saying you need good pickups etc. Can anyone answer this? thanks
Yeah, answer crazy's question.
My GRX40 doesn't seem to have the punch for good pinch harmonics, or mabie its cause I'm crap.
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It doesn't really matter what kind of rig you have. You can play pinch harmonics on an acoustic guitar even! They just don't ring out very loud. It's all about the method.
I think we are both looking for zakk wylde harmonics, not just a pitch change.
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its easier with heaps of gain? :P and i think its just as easy on any guitar, just with new pickups it might stand out more?
my little brother got a crappy $100 starter kit (guitar, amp, etc..) and even with the shitty guitar and crappy amp i could still do them.....

but no question they sound better on my G-310 and Cube 30 with the gain maxed out

just keep practicing, it took about 3 months for me to get it down right