What do you guys think our kids will be like (for those of us who plan on having them)? If you look at what our parent's generation was like, and compare it to our current generation, you will notice a gradual decrease in morality and increase in liberalism.

So..... what do you guys imagine our offspring's generations will be like?
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I was thinking the same thing the other day. I have a neice that is about 1 and another one coming in about a two weeks. I was thinking what kind of shitty music they will be listening to when they are 13.
They will live a crap life when they are getting to be middle-aged, because of global warming, natural resources running out, terrorism, and all the crap we are only just beginning to deal with.

By then you will probably only have to be 15 to watch porn and drink and vote and stuff, so good for them.
theyll turn into chavs, run out of peple to beat up, beat themselves up, go exstinct, w00 for us, shame we wont be alive to see it
don't try n read the future! what the hell is up with us now!!!
chances are they'll only be a little more screwed up than we are,

you can thank the good rev later x
its gonna be exactly like the 80s
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Yeah...you know how some parents play Mozart and Bach for their kids while they're still fetuses? Well, I'm gonna be playing The Who, Pink Floyd, and Rush.
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Yeah...you know how some parents play Mozart and Bach for their kids while they're still fetuses? Well, I'm gonna be playing The Who, Pink Floyd, and Rush.

I'm gonna play Dying Fetus


well we'll all be nuked back into the stoneages in a few years, but those that survive the nuclear winter will probably be happy that it canceled out global warming. Music will be crap and america will be fascist. It will really suck for all those still living. They'll have the worst fashion sense and they'll have never heard of the word alcohol
You're all wrong.

Kids (1 to 7 year olds) today (atleast the ones I know) are ALOT smarter than what we were when we were at that age.
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There never was a golden age of human morality we'll just trundle along bitching about the old days and never make any real progress.
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its gonna be exactly like the 80s

100% less Reagan this time around.

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we will have very postmodern kids who struggle to find truth in everything and believe what is right is whatever is right for you...
The next decade will probably be one of those big revolutionary ones that seem to come up every few decades. (i.e. Roaring 20s, the 60s) Now it will be the 2010s that get all wacked out.....jsut a prediction.

Not that I believe that, but it's possible.
a decrease in morality? i dont think thats true. peoples morality has changed, certainly, but the idea of a decrease in morality is a bizzare one. similarly, the idea of an increase in liberalism is, in some cases true, but in some not. i dont think its that simple. we're more observed and monitored than we ever have been before.
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I think a lot more oppression and a revolution. We need one, there hasn't been a good one in decades. Plus kids are getting smarter and smarter, and growing up quicker. We're going to have to face over-population and under-employment. Good thing we'll be dead.
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I think that morals will continue to decrease at an alarm rate and teenage pregnancies will increase and the use of substance abuse will also increase. I think the kids who are about nine or ten now will be those who aremost likely to participate in this.

THough I think and kids who are 2 or 3 right now will miss that stage and it should decrease again and people should become more virtuous and morality shall slowly filter back into people.

I also expect music to slwoly get better over the next couple years and then drop down to some terrible music and then it should bloom into some awesome music around 210-2012 ish.

Children are going to continue to defy their parents and struggles for identity and power will become much more common publicly. Then, after a few years of this I expect it will simmer down a bit and repeat what has happened throughout the ealry-mid 90s until now.