have a look for tanglewood acoustics. they're good guitars and about £130 if i remember correctly. Not sure where you can order them from though. I'll get back to you with that.
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i would say go to a local guitar center/ or any guitar store near you and just pick some up and play. idk the exchange rate. but there are some nice acoustics by epiphone and breedlove for cheap.
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please don't get either of those guitars

whats wrong with the fender? ill look into epiphone.
fender makes good electrics, but their acoustics aren't very good, at least IMHO.

Yamaha makes great entry level guitars:

or if you can go slightly out of your price range, this is worth it:


look around in this search:

Check out the Crafters, Epiphones, Ibanez, Takamines, and especially the Washburns and Yamahas in that search. Make sure your getting a solid top for that price. Can you play any of them before you buy online? That would be very helpful.
sadly i cant play any of them before i buy. That yamaha one looks alright. What makes an acoustic better, they all seem the same besides the wood???

dont get fooled by cheap fenders, they often suck ass in my exp. the jacky d would be pretty novelty, probably sounds like gash tho
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I really dont know what to get now. Probably a yamaha? whos had any experiance with these?

Also ive been looking at the Yamaha FG-720S and the Yamaha FG-730S. what more do u get with the FG-730S? how much better is it?
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