wow! I'm too good was amazing dude! really catchy, cool chords feel good song. i like the guitar playing the melody, and the chorus was just great. really like that song, definitley your best, would buy it

same comments for all the way out here as well, really enjoyed listening to it and really jolly chords made the song fun. some better recording would make the song amazing

liked bronkz, had a much more punky feel to it but still managed to sound happy. loved the chorus but would like to know where you got the name from

loved the vocals in last season, again very catchy and easy listening as all your songs.

i think all your songs were perfect length, any longer they would be boring.

please crit my band, salc, https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=513837

can i send friend request, i like your band.