Anyone know what you call the pedals (or manufacture/model) that record a few seconds of sound and play it back repeatedly (so if your short of a second guitarist or something, you can play/record a riff then play another one over it)

My friend had one, i cant remember what its called though..

Also, higher end delay pedals have loopers sometimes, though they aren't the best quality, they're ok for seeing if parts line up well. And you also get the advantage of all the other delay features if you aren't going to be using looping live.
ah yea thanks, that makes sense lol LOOP pedal. the best i came up with was recording pedal

anyways, the ones i've found seem pretty expensive. are there any low end/cheaper ones that record about less than a minute of sound?

yeah man, try the boss "RC-2 Loop Station" its got loadsa cool shit, its got about 16 minutes recording time, and drum patterns n can store 11 phrases, its a little pricey, but nothing too bad,
in the UK its £149 RRP
ohh yea thats too expensive for me. nice pedal though

is'nt it a Delay Pedal i need? Can you record sound into them and it repeats it back (for however long, depending on the settings)
The boss dd-6 will have all the delay and looping capabilities you need, I suggest you check it out.