well here is the story i had befor Behringer X V-AMP Multi-effect console and some kind of unknown amp made is china looks not good and i wasn't have the sound that i was seeking from that package so i thought i should buy a good pedal like boss so i bought that pedal called boss metal zone pedal MT-2 and sold the old multi and after i hooked the cord i found the sound is worse than befor and im shoked i wasn't expacting that i know that boss from Roland its like one of the best so whats wronge i know that i should buy agood amp but it was working ok with the old multi .
now after i bought the better brand effect the sound realy sux , so the Q? is what the hell is going on?

any help..
It's hard to find a good sound when using a Boss MT-2 metal zone, just keep messing around with it abd you'll hopefully get the sound you want.
well first off, the only way i have gotten any decent sounds with the metal zone was with an equalizer pedal and secondly get a better amp.
what kind of guitar do you have?
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I didn't really follow... but you sold your "decent" amp and bought a MT-2 to unshittify your shittified amp?

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Never buy pedals when you have a crap amp, there is nothing wrong other than the fact that your amp is shit. Save up for a new one.
alright guys ill get another amp but is that metal zone pedal good or not?
The metal Zone is awesome. If you like Boss's other Distortion pedals and want the 3-band EQ, go for it.
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Well that's all up to what you want in a sound. But for metal, if your on a budget, anything from the VOX blueface hybrids, to the Roland Cube series. If your not on a budget, and sky's the limit... well, there are endless combonations.

But a start would be:

Budget: Roland Cube or any "Blue-Face" Vox hybrid.
Sky's the limit: Botique amps like the Cornford for pratice/learning to stuff like Marshal Plexi's.

It's all in the tone you personally want, and we don't have a clue. So could you help us out?
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around 100 or up to 150 i want small amp but i want one i wont need to change it for long time
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