I decided that my epi lp needed a heavier sound and a hotter lead tone.
I'm looking for a heavy, punchy, high gain but pretty smooth sound for playing pop/punk/poppy metal stuff and other hard rock(preferably something that sounds a little lighter than normal duncan pickups, and by "light" I mean less bass and more mids and treble, and maybe something not too beefy. but this is only a slight preference.) and I play some heavy metal as well, but not very much.
I'm also looking for a hot, solid lead tone for shredding, and other lead guitar stuff in hard rock. but I also play some jazz and a lot of pop, so I also need a smooth tone.

so what I initially came up with is the seymor duncan sh8 invader pickup on the bridge, and a dimarzio paf pro on the neck. I loved the transparent lead tone of the paf pro but if I stuck it in the bridge I'd have a hard time getting a really heavy sound so I put in a duncan invader in the bridge.^^
will those two work well?

as you all know, the epi les paul custom is made of alder and mahogany.

oh, and I'm not looking for the most versatile pickup set.(although it looks as if it will have to be...-_-)It just has to fit the sounds I want.
please consider that I'm not trying to imitate the tones of other famous guitarists.^^

and if the PAF pro pickup could handle metal and punk and the likes,
that would be really cool...

oh and I'm also considering the duncan dimebucker.^^
is it a good pickup? how does it compare with other high gain pickups?
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i changed my epiphone lp custom pickups to sky pickups. for my rear pickup i put the HRO1 and for my front pickup i put the HPAO1. also coil tap for both. my guitar honestly sounds really great. of course nothing compared to super quality guitars but if u compare it to a stock epiphone lp custom u'll hear a major difference. anyways, enough of the bragging, i went more towards a more warmer and brighter tone for my guitar without losing too much distortion. i can still get pretty heavy sound just by setting the amp correctly.
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Invader would be god-awful mate, don't do it! A Dimarzio Breed would possibly be a bit too warm for you, but it would give you that smooth tone you're looking for, maybe a Norton. A Duncan Distortion might be a good shout too, that's leans a bit more towards the trebly side of things.
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Do you use a Marshall MG or equivalent?
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sadly I only have an entry level LV100 laney amp, but its pretty good amp for its price.
no tube though....
go for the BurstBucker pro man
it sounds soooooo sick.
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Well to your question. Honestlly...your requirments...were exactly what I wanted; deep mids, clear, versatile.

Mule BKP.
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But I don't know where you could get em' in korea...
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-Esp/Ltd Ec-1000 w/ BKP Mules
-2-channel Titan
-Oversized Bogner 2x12 Cabinet
-Fulltone OCD
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I just put Gibson P94's in my LP custom and now it sounds so punchy, midrangy, and awsome lead tone i recomend these like crazy.
My Epi LP Studio came stock with alnico gibson pickups, and I say they sound pretty damn good. So I'm sure the Gibson version of thoes pickups would be a big improvment as is.
everybody thanks

I'm wondering if any of those are available in Korea... This country doesn't import many good pickups and effectors...

nice finding a fellow Korean guy here.

Best of luck to you then!
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-Esp/Ltd Ec-1000 w/ BKP Mules
-2-channel Titan
-Oversized Bogner 2x12 Cabinet
-Fulltone OCD
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Hey mate, you should look at the APH Alnice II Pro, Duncans they are, awesome and really popular. i reckon that'd be good for the neck
good luck hey(Y)
the stock 498T in my sg has great high end and midrange, sonds very good overdriven