Guys, simple question, need a quick reply please. I've always played with extra light, or light, just bought some martin SP strings, so disappointed. Can you recommend some strings that are good but also exceptional value. I like Elixir but pretty pricey!

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the heavier the string, the more attack presence...
can really bring out a percussive sound, good for rythm.
Elixirs are supposed to sound better for longer, that's why they're more money. They are about as good as it gets. Some guy at Guitar Center told me that D'Addario strings were good for the acoustic.
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EXPs are pretty much the best acoustic string ever invented.
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D'Addario EXP's are decent as well if you don't want to spend as much on the Elixers.
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Martin Marquis (sp?) SP are pretty top notch in my opinion. i play mediums but im sure all are of equal craftsmanship.