I'm pretty good at sweep picking but when I start to go really fast I get a lot of noise from pull-offs. It's not that I hit other strings but the sound of my fingers leaving the strings quickly makes noise. When I'm sweeping downward I use my palm to stop it quickly but I can't do it when I'm sweeping up. Is there anyway to stop the noise and still keep the speed up? I use wristbands once in a while but thats cheating. Help!
when i was learning to sweep, i used a noise gate pedal set with high threshold, yeah i guess thats cheating to... but no ones ever gonna know!
it comes with practice ma man!
You need to mute with your fretting hand as well and make sure that when you pull-off you don't do it too hard and make the string ring.
Yeah I have that problem too. Sorry, but I didn't understand your remedies....

I think it's mainly something to work out by practicing I suppose, huh?
Meh. Using a wristband isn't really cheating (in my mind) if all it is doing is getting rid of some of the noise caused by distortion. If you can play it clean without any noise, then the noise is probably just getting amplified a lot by your distortion. I'd use a wristband.