Look I have been playing electric for about 2 week after playing classical guitar for ages. Picking has been causing me trouble. I have started to be able to alternate pick fairly well, I mean it's not automatic but I can do it if I remember. I can't strum properly though, specifically upstrum. It feels like I hit the 1st string hard and my pick moves off track and fails to hit most of the rest of the strings. I also have trouble picking strums in songs. My question is does anyone know of some site or something with some good advice on the subject.

Ben Pazolli
Don't hit the strings so hard, try to play lighter. When I upstrum I only hit the 3 first strings and leave the rest, sounds much better.
Thanks, right. Your probably right, right (getting confused). I am probably hitting the strings too hard, as the whole strumming thing is foreign too me. I have moved to a thinner pick and that seems to help, but it is probably a technique problem as you said that I have to work with. I can at least strum to some degree now. Thanks alot.

Ben Pazolli
first of all... hold the pick as softly as possible...so that it feels like its almost gonna fall outa your hand....then like the other dude said, pick lightly....
and then start wit heasy strum songs like collide by howie day or just pracitce strumming between major chords will help...then just practice constantly...thats how i learned!