What's the biggest, newest, and best version of pro tools. The version they use in big studios and stuff? I want to look into it.
The big boy version is Pro Tools HD3. A buddy of mine just bought a Pro Tools HD3 system for about $14,000 but I don't think he has many outputs.

14,000 and not many outputs? That sounds like a waste. Does anyone have a list of Protools, like from the top being the best, bottem being the worst?
the two main ones are HD and LE. I wouldnt bother with protools because t doesnt have much upgradability as far as hardware goes. Youd be better off investing in a top of the line computer with a good built in audio interface, a good mixer and Sonar 6 which ImO beats the crap out of Pro Tools HD any day of the week.

but the versions are

LE 7.3 i think
HD-1 7
HD-2 7
HD-3 7

the different HDs are the same cre program but each higher number comes with more interface options and plugins. While the Plugins are top notch the Waves Bundle coupled with a few other things is cheaper, sounds just as good, and is easier to use.
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