Would an electro acoustic sound good through a distortion pedal? Because I like to play music by Opeth and Death etc. and if it does then it would be really handy although I haven't been able to try it out yet, so has anyone else tried it and if so what was it like?
EDIT:Alternatively I could just use an acoustic FX pedal on my electric guitar but I still want to know what the above combination would sound like.

You might not think this post belongs in the sub-forum but I looked at them all and couldn't see where else it would fit.
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well, i would work, but the feedback would be a total pain. the tone would be very different to.
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Interesting question. I don't know - never tried it.

But regardless, I get the feeling that acoustic modeling with a solid-body electric would be more practical.
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For what it's worth, I've tried something similar. I put an electric kazoo (which for this purpose behaves just like a piezo pickup) into a nylon-strung acoustic, and plugged it into my Toneport. It sounded pretty interesting with high-gain settings, with a unique sound to it. Definitely something to keep in mind when looking for new sounds.

The best way to see if you like it, though, would be to try it yourself.

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well, i would work, but the feedback would be a total pain. the tone would be very different to.

Most electroacoustics come with piezo pickups, though, which don't have feedback problems.
I use distortion on my acoustic sometimes, cuz im getting my ibanez fixed, but the feedback sucks,
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Ive done this before since i dont really like my own solid body electric, okay yeah the feedback gets awful, but there is ways of fixing it, try not to face the amplifier or lower the highs in the electroacoustic eq (most come with one) and that will fix the problem in most cases (:

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