Hey. i've got the ashdown fallen angel 60dsp head and cab and i have a problem. Every now and then the amp crackles, hisses and fuzzes. I am certain it is not the lead as i have tried a several leads and the problem is still there. Does any1 know what the problem is and what i can do to fix it.
You should probably post this in the Gear Building & Customizing or Guitar Gear & Accessories forum.
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Check your cord, or maybe something with the wiring in your guitar (possibly the soldering (sp?)). Btw., put this in the right forum.
umm...i might sound like a guitar noob but....what are "leads"? ive never heard that term before
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umm...i might sound like a guitar noob but....what are "leads"? ive never heard that term before

As in the cable that connects your guitar to your amp. It might be a dodgy input jack, try tightening the nut that hold the jack in.
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try tightening the nuts on the amp and the guitar. if it still happens it might be the wiring inside the amp, and unless you are good at that kinda stuff id say return the amp cuz you dont want to mess it up or ruin your warranty or something. or you could write an angry letter to the company demanding free stuff because you were sold crappy gear. that might work. it worked with my hockey gear.
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ye soz bout that -wrong forum- n cheers 4 the info
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