Okay, here it goes. I Just want to know how vintage models compare to the originals? is it a complete waste of time to by a remake cause its totally different or is it a viable option??
Its a though one to call really. like originals are desired for their age and sorta history like, but the reissue sorta the same.. I dont know really..
reissue guitars are designed to sound like an older instrument.. however they dont quite sound the same.

Older instruments used different paint, different wood, and many people agree that instrument wood gets better with age as the repetitive frequencies push the cells into a resonant formation. As the wood gets older those patterns sort of settle in, making the body a lot more resonant. It sounds more alive. Also, pickups lose a little bit of power as they age, and many people enjoy the output/sound of those pickups.

What the reissues have done are make guitars to the same specifications and have included modern construction to make them sound similar to their older cousins.

In my opinion, I like a 50 or 60's reissue strat compared to a lot of other guitars in its price range. They play very well and look very nice as well. Ive never played a real guitar from the 50's or 60's, so I cannot tell you how much better one is. However, if youre looking for good tone on a budget, the reissues are capable of doing you well.

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Craftsmanship was much better, guitars were handmade and pickups were hand wound. Even strings, check my sig :P. I might get flamed for this, but the older guitars sound better. You could get that same sort quality nowadays by having a luthier making a custom guitar for you from scratch, and buying high end, hand wound pickups. This is quite expensive to do though, although I'd is it's worth it.
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See I want to buy a Les Paul and I have like 5 large to spend. Should i find a vintage guitar or perhaps a reissue or epiphone version and save some cash for later???
Taking Fender reisssue guitars as an example: vintage will be better. The reissues are not even made to the same specs. They are of course similar, but many of the finer details are wrong.
^Hey, I found out that shipping will be about £4, not too pricy.

And vintage>reissues.

But there are advantages and downsides to both.
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Quote by R_H_C_P
^Hey, I found out that shipping will be about £4, not too pricy.

And vintage>reissues.

But there are advantages and downsides to both.

So if you just give me your paypal account name/number (whatever it is), I'll send you the money.

Price, and often reliability would be advantages to reissues.