One of my picks normally lasts for about 6 weeks (I use Dunlop Jazz IIs)
i use picks untill they break, which is mainly due to my chewing.

but i rarely use the same pick in 2 sessions back to back. i have a bunch i just grab from.
but picks can last me years untill i break them, or loose them. loosing them is more common to me.
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well, i loose them more often than i break them, so i guess i change picks every month or so. then again, i've recently switched to bass and have little use for picks anymore.
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iv been using the same pick for months now, maybe a year.
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ive got about 12 different ones so i change a lot to find most comfortable one
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I use mine for about 1 year. I use Planet Waves 1.09mm on strings 10-42 (Fender Rock'n'Roll alike).
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i never lose a pick cause i have pick holder or when i finish playing i put my pick on my wallet
i use the same one until i lose it. I always one one favorite pick.
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Mine always wear out after a month or so..and it's harder to play without a pointy tip (and I'm afraid I'll adjust to much to flat, non-pointy picks if I don't get a new one in time, resulting in a bad picking technique/grip)

I use Dunlop 1 mm btw!
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I have about 20 picks that I use, and I'll use whichever is closest to me when I want to play. I'll use them until they break.
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A pick will last about a week and then I'm noticing it's more difficult to play and I'm losing a bit of tone. I think my current one has lasted coming on for 2 weeks though, because I've been practising my fingerpicking haha.
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Mine never seem to break, my dog just eats them.
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I use HEAVY gauge strings and I attack them like a mother, but I like when they get a little wear in them. Dunlop Jazz IIIs, a few good months before they become unusable, but I never break them.
I use Dunlop Tortex picks, 1mm or 1.14mm on 12/16/24w/36/52/70 strings. My picks tend to last a few months, they get sharper and sharper then die. I keep them in a pill jar and just grab one, so the wear gets spread out over a dozen or so.
Probably for no more than a practise of a jam, I buy them in 100's and tend to move on to the next