1)You have to write a song or poem only using lines from old pieces you've posted on S&L. You must have at least 20 lines, and you can only use up to 5 lines from a single piece, that makes it a minimum of four pieces.

2)You can't edit your old pieces, and you can't use any pieces written after 1-31-07.

3)Due dates will be announced depending on when and if the other comps are set-up.

4)If someone cheats by editing an old piece after 1-31-07, or uses lines that they haven't used in previous pieces, their piece will be disqualified, and maybe they'll be a point deduction of -1, or more depending on how badly they broke the rules, and if they did it knowing they were breaking the rules. Please pm me if this happens and I didn't catch it.

5) Points: 1st=4pts, 2nd=3pts, 3rd/4th=2points

Rules may be altered slightly but the restrictions on the pieces will stay the same.

*= in
9)the hurt within*
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haha I do it all the time anyway. If you need someone else in this I will.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Quote by The Hurt Within
haha I do it all the time anyway. If you need someone else in this I will.

I probably will, sign-ups seem to be slow, but there's plenty of time left.
Just reminding everyone this is still running. I still haven't recieved any pieces yet.
^Okay you have 5 days to turn them in, I'm extending the due date because I have to go get stitches removed, and it's kind of a long drive to the dentist I have to go to.
Sorry for double posting but I thought I needed to bump this because I barely have any entries, I will need at least two more to have a two round comp, so please get them in, even if they are total crap, all you need to do is copy and paste for about 10 minutes. If I don't get two in by the dead line then I guess I'll just cancel it and start my other comp, which I'm looking forward to.
(I don't mean I'm looking forward to canceling this one, I just mean I'm just anxious about the other.)
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Do I have 2 days? If thats the case I'll get you something.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.