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Angels of the Condemned
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Retired Blood
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She's a loaded gun
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Ya i saw this so i decided to promote my band well theres nothing really to promote because we haven't started recording yet but the band name is Angel of the Condemned. Were an Emo/Punk rock band from Ottawa Ontario.

Were currently constructing a site with MySpace and it isn't 100% complete so keep checking in for updates. Soon we will have some songs put up there.

Something funni is right ; you guys do sound original. Nice catch , SF.

So , when are you guys going to put out something for us to hear? Me being in an poppy-punk band , too, makes me intrested as to what our network produces. People like you enthuse me.
well i couldn't tell if you were being sarcastic or for real. But give us about a month at the most and we should have our first track. We're still debating whether it should be a cover song or one that we compose ourselves. but if we do or own song, it will take a while. so for now we might just do cover songs for AFI or hawthorne heights.
ok well everyone has theyre difference of opinion i guess..peole down wher ei live say its good and original... and others disagree..but hey you get that with every band...example: AFI is my favorite band but i think their name is a bit to cheesy. like a fire inside is kinda gay...meh w/e
Angels of the Condemned
sweeet we're currently trying to record AFI - Silver and Cold to put on our EP
Angels of the Condemned