I really liked it overall It reminded me of something children of bodom would do just toned down a bit. The only thing that needs work is the solo. It was kinda boring and repetitive. I would cut what you have in half and replase what you cut away with something more shred like. I think it would suit the song better, but thats just me

Overall though it was very good and i enjoyed it 8.5/10
I thought it was pretty good. And I did like the piano and synths, I think they could have been sped up a bit though. The solo needs some work, I agree that it's a bit repetive, either add some shred or make it flow a bit better. Sorry, I can't really crit solo's well, I'm not that good at em' but I know it needs a bit of zazz their. Overall I think you did a good job on it. Crit mine? It's in my sig.

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I love your riffs, they kick ass.
The only thing I don't like it's the solo... make it faster and longer.
There are some Piano parts that I don't like, maybe try to speed them up.
Anyway, nice song 7.5/10