I saw the trailer, and im definately going to see it. I'm trying desperately not to judge it by the standards of Spaced or Shaun of the Dead, since the trailer seems to indicate, to me at least, it won't be quite as good as either of them (i do hope im wrong though ).

Still, Simon Pegg? Edgar Wright? Nick frost? Pretty hard to go wrong
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Yeah, saw this advertised en el cine not long ago, bout time Britain had its very own over the top cop movie. Let's show the Yanks how it's done eh, wot-wot *leans back, sips tea, nibbles crumpet*
Psycho Killer,
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Shaun of the Dead was good, but not brilliant. I've just got Spaced on DVD, and it's great, and this does look good.
looks good, it looks more straight comedy than sean of the dead. whens it out?
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