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Hey Man thats really awesome... Is that original? I think im going to add your video to my website...www.guitarvideos.com. Is that alright? I loved the sound you had.... Really cool.

Would be glad if you do!
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OH DUDE, is that you?

I've seen your video, catwalk. I was shocked! Your technique blew my head up! Great jazz playing, major props bro.

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That was amazing man!!! I'm gonna try to learn catwalk. I've been looking for other types of music to listen to besides metal and classic rock that I'd enjoy, and I think this ranks up there Amazing job


BTW who is the catwalk song by?
Sh*t hot playing. Your seriously good.
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Sweet Dude!
wonderful playing i really enjoyed it.
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wow, that was excellent man. I really enjoyed watching that.
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I lasted about 30 seconds on the first one, and 7 seconds on the second.


Nice playing, but fusion is just boring as hell.

Pretty cool playing. Your vibrato reminds me of Greg Howe.
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Nice playing, but fusion is just boring as hell.

Fusion is as boring as hell huh??? Man this kid be dissin' my religion! I think jazz/fusion is the most intresting music around. Most serious musicians agree, and the guy in this movie is a serious musician.

That was really good. I would suggest working on your phrasing, as you used the same rhythmic patterns over and over again, and its my opinion, but smooth out your tone a little, maybe add a tad of delay, and it would be awsome. I can see alot of geg howe in your playing. Beautiful.