Guitar related:
SOLD Ibanez DS7 Distortion Pedal : Solidly built, about 3 tiny scratches on the front of the case, works perfectly. - $20 shipped

Ibanez IBZ10G-Ibanez 10 watt guitar practice amp. Like new, no scuffs or anything. For a small, cheap practice amp, it's suprisingly good! - $40 shipped


SSX3: Mint condition, plays perfectly, and includes the case and booklet. - $10 shipped


Metroid Prime: Mint condition, plays perfectly, includes case and booklet also. - $10 shipped

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3: No scratches, plays perfectly, includes case and booklet. -$10 shipped


Unreal Championship 2 The Liandri Conflict: Like new, plays perfectly, includes case, but no booklet. - $15 shipped

Doom 3: Mint condition, plays like new, has case but no booklet. - $15 shipped

Half-Life 2: Awesome game, plays perfectly, like new, includes case and booklet. - $20 shipped

Gameboy Advance:

Dragonball Z Collectible Card Game: Plays perfectly, mind condition, has case and booklet. $7 shipped

Dragonball Z : The Legacy Of Goku: Plays like new, perfect condition, has case and booklet. $7 shipped.

Gameboy Color

Wario Land 3: Good condition, plays perfectly. $5 shipped

Yu-Gi-Oh Dark Duel Stories: Like new, plays perfectly. $5 shipped

Shrek Fairy Tale Freakdown: Perfect condition, plays like new. $5 shipped


Warcraft 3 Battle Chest: Includes Warcraft 3 and the expansion Frozen Throne. Has the strategy guide for both games and the game manuals for both. It also had a product catalog! Wooohoo! Both games play like new. -$10 shipped

Sorry, but I won't ship outside the US, prices are not firm, I will haggle within reason. Trades may be accepted too.
Pics on request!
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Quote by Jeff Manthei
i would like a pic of the DS7 please.

No problem man, my camera isn't the best, but here are some.

a lot of the stuff you've got for sale can be found at any video game store for the less or the same amount. just a suggestion.
Ok, thanks for the suggestion. I didn't realize how much I was actually asking. I reduced the prices of everything.